Bimota on tunnettu eksoottisista superpyöristään. Massimo Tamburinin 40 vuotta sitten perustama yritys on sitkeästi pysytellyt hengissä kovasta kilpailusta huolimatta. Edellinen omistajanvaihdos tapahtui vuonna 2002. julkaisi tiedon omistajanvaihdolsesta ensimmäisenä. Alla Bimotan tiedote englanniksi.

"Rimini, September 12, 2013 – It’s been 40 years since the brilliant Massimo Tamburini and his partners Bianchi and Morri founded the legendary Bimota. 40 years of successes, defeats, tenacity made to serve an Italian dream, down to the known difficulties at the end of the last century. In 2002, a brave businessman from Milan took the lead of this tailored reality, uplifting it from its own ashes and giving it a new life. A new life marked by many victories and the development of cutting-edge motorcycles. Now in its 40th anniversary Bimota makes a further step forward: picks up the baton a new management for Swiss Company name, but Italian for the people in charge, and is prepared, with extraordinary enthusiasm to continue the journey in the history of Bimota. Bimota, with Italian passport, will remain illustrious citizen of a nation known and appreciated for his passion and expertise of motorbikes. In few days will be issued an official statement where will be presented the new property."